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How Calvert Street Avoids Disaster with Mention

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Calvert Street Group is a public affairs firm that manages grassroots campaigns. They are known for winning approval for controversial zoning and land-use entitlements.

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Coordinating their team

Calvert Street’s work force is large and spread out. Mention allows them all to access information from a central application. “We’ve got a team of campaign managers and field directors assigned to different projects all across the country. We’ve got them all delegated so that as folks get looped in on projects, they’re able to set up their mention alerts and figure out what is relevant to the work they’re doing.”

This process lets Calvert Street stay organized. “We’ve been able to have this really robust library of alerts set up. Our team loves the ability to pick up in the morning and see all the relevant news for a client, a competitor, or just general background.”

Avoiding disaster

Calvert Street’s projects often deal with controversial issues. They need to know what’s being said, in order to avoid backlash. “The most important metric for us is being able to anticipate threats. We’re using some of Mention’s reporting tools to bring clients the information before they’ve seen it themselves.”

This is a crucial part of the service to their clients. “A big part of proving our worth is being proactive about identifying conversations happening in local media or social media, and being able to take that information, boil it down to what’s most important, and present it to them.”
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“Having Mention at our fingertips has proven to be invaluable.”

Lex Bearden
Digital Content Manager
Calvert Street Group

Saving time

Before Mention, gathering all this data was painstaking. “It was laborious. We would set aside 10-15% of a person’s week. We were either going through a clip service, or just having folks glued to their computers, hitting refresh.”

Now, Calvert Street can commit their time and resources to more important tasks. “Mention has allowed us to focus more on the work, while having this robust information served up automatically to us.”

“It’s superior to all other offerings that we’ve used in the past.”

Lex Bearden
Digital Content Manager
Calvert Street Group
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