As you’ve probably seen in the news, Facebook is currently facing questions regarding the privacy of its users. In order to reduce risks around data privacy, Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) have announced sudden changes to the information they provide to third parties.

The major, immediate change is that Instagram removed certain functions of its API without prior warning:

instagram api shut down

Although initially scheduled for July 31st, this change was moved up to take effect yesterday.

Instagram Engagement Report 2019

Why does this affect Mention?

An app’s API lets developers access and use certain aspects of that app in their own projects. In our case, we rely on the Facebook and Instagram APIs to be able to interact with those platforms.

Some of these changes directly affect Mention’s services, and we want to explain what’s changed. The biggest effects relate to our Instagram features. Facebook has also made changes, but these have not had a major impact to date.

Below is a full list of the Mention services impacted. This list will be updated regularly, and we are working to provide fixes for every one of these changes.

Changes to Instagram services

Most of Mention’s Instagram features have been affected by this change. This includes your ability to collect Instagram posts as part of your social listening.

Here are the specific issues Mention users are currently experiencing, in relation to Instagram.

In your Mention feed

At present, Mention users:

  • Can’t view likes or comments on Instagram posts
  • Can’t like posts or comment directly on them

From your Influencers tab

At present, Mention users:

  • Won’t see influencers’ profile pictures in the Discovery tab
  • Won’t see influencers’ recent Instagram activity in their influencer profiles

In your Reports

At present, Mention users:

  • Can’t view likes or comments on posts
  • Can’t like posts or comment directly on them
  • Can still access their Instagram social report (for their own account)
  • Can’t create or view competitive Instagram reports

Facebook updates

As of this moment, Mention’s Facebook features have not been impacted significantly. The only issue at present is that you won’t see suggestions in your competitive Facebook reports.

This means that, for now, you won’t be able to create new competitive Facebook reports. This issue is not permanent, and will be fixed as soon as possible.

Are there issues we’ve missed?

We’re working hard to keep this list updated, and to fix every issue possible. If you find an issue not on this list, please send an email to, or contact your Account Manager directly.

Patrick Whatman is a content marketer for Spendesk, Mention, and other growing businesses. He lives in Paris, loves music, and writes his own brand of cultural criticism for fun. Tweet him @mrwhatman where he mainly talks digital marketing, American sports and New Zealand trivia.

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