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Top 5 CrowdTangle alternatives

Top 5 CrowdTangle alternatives

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Over the years, Crowdtangle gained popularity for its combination of data aggregation, real-time monitoring, customizable alerts, and comprehensive analytics. Its seamless integration with Facebook made it a valuable tool for social media professionals and researchers.

Unfortunately, after years of uncertainty about the platform’s future, Meta’s recent announcement that it will shut down after August 14, 2024, has left countless users searching for alternatives.

This news comes at a particularly crucial time, with numerous major events unfolding this year.

If you’re looking for a replacement for your media monitoring needs, don’t worry! There are plenty of powerful Crowdtangle alternatives out there ready to elevate your monitoring game to new heights.

In this post, we’ll outline the top 5 CrowdTangle alternatives suitable for journalists, researchers, and marketers.

Get ready to explore and find the ideal CrowdTangle alternatives!

Mention: the all-in-one social listening platform

Mention is your go-to tool for media monitoring, social publishing, and analytics. Our platform makes it easy to see what’s happening with public content on social media. It also surpasses basic keyword tracking with advanced features like sentiment analysis, identifying opinion leaders, and providing detailed competitor reports.

Track conversations across major social platforms, analyze essential metrics like reach and engagement, and refine your social media strategy with actionable insights. While Mention offers tiered pricing plans, you can count on a robust feature set for effective media monitoring.

Why Mention?

mention sources

Real time updates from social media and more

Track real-time content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and beyond. Easily monitor keywords and specific pages. Stay informed and engaged with the latest updates across multiple platforms.

mention integrations

Custom notifications to stay on top of everything
Receive custom notifications tailored to your needs, including spike alerts for peaks in mentions and Top mentions emails delivered straight to your inbox. Integrate seamlessly with Slack to keep your team updated in real-time, ensuring everyone stays in the loop effortlessly. Stay ahead of the curve with proactive alerts and streamlined communication channels.

Analytics to get the global picture

Gain insights into the global landscape with comprehensive analytics. Generate cross-platform reports and automate sharing with your team, streamlining collaboration and decision-making processes. Utilize the influencer dashboard to identify key figures and leverage their impact on your brand’s reach and engagement.

Price range: $
G2 score: 4.3 /5 out of 439 reviews

Looking to track the US campaign election? Check our US election public report:

Mention election report


Sprinklr and CrowdTangle serve different purposes in social media management, but depending on your specific needs, Sprinklr could potentially be a great Crowdtangle alternative.

Sprinklr Listen, is a component that allows you to track mentions of specific keywords, hashtags, brands, competitors, or industry trends. It also offers sentiment analysis, advanced filtering, and categorization options, allowing you to organize and prioritize incoming data according to your preferences.

Price range: $ $ $
G2 score: 4 / 5 out of 842 reviews


With Meltwater, you can receive real-time notifications for potential crisis situations and manage multiple ad hoc research projects. Meltwater fetches data from various sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, blogs, and podcasts.

Similar to Mention, they offer a boolean search feature, though it doesn’t appear to be more advanced than Mention’s. However, Meltwater’s custom dashboard is notably flexible and intuitive.

Meltwater dashboard

Price range: $ $ $
G2 score: 4 / 5 out of 1,098 reviews

Buzzsumo : monitoring and alerts

BuzzSumo is not a social listening tool, and it does not monitor the performance of social posts. BuzzSumo is more focused on analyzing the performance of web content (ie. URLs) shared via social posts. Nevertheless, it’s a great tool for finding trending topics and has interesting influencer identification capabilities.

buzzsumo dashboard

Price range: $ $
G2 score: 4.5 /5 out of 102 reviews

If you were a fan of Crowdtangle Big Screen Visualizations, you might like, which showcases the best posts, photos, or videos from more than 15 different social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, of course).


Price range: $
G2 score: 4.8 /5 out of 42 reviews
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