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How to use Mention as Employer Brand Manager ?

How to use Mention as Employer Brand Manager ?

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The mission of an employer brand manager is to cultivate and amplify the reputation of their organization as an employer of choice. Central to this role is crafting a compelling narrative that showcases the company’s values, culture, and growth opportunities to attract top talent.

This involves developing strategies to promote the employer brand across various channels, ensuring a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process, and engaging with current employees to understand their perspectives and areas for improvement.

Key responsibilities include implementing branding initiatives that resonate with candidates and employees, tracking metrics to measure the effectiveness of branding efforts, and collaborating with internal departments to align branding strategies with broader business objectives.

In this article, you’ll learn not only how to monitor and respond to feedback but also how to use social media proactively to enhance your employer brand.

Additionally, we’ll explore the significance of staying ahead of HR marketing trends and how analytics can inform your strategy. Let’s get started.

Improve the candidate and employee experience thanks to social listening

On various platforms like social media, employee review websites, and forums, candidates openly share their experiences with your company after interacting with your recruiting team, whether it’s during a job interview or at a job fair.

If their experience was negative, it’s crucial to identify it promptly to implement necessary changes. If it was love at first sight, use it to send some kudos to the team !

Your employees also have the ability to share their thoughts, not just candidates. They can do so on platforms like Glassdoor, whether they’re currently part of your team or have moved on.

This feedback can be crucial for identifying any warning signs early on, allowing you to address concerns promptly and maintain a positive work environment.

It provides valuable insights into employee satisfaction, morale, and areas needing improvement.

By heeding this feedback, you can implement necessary changes to enhance employee engagement and retention, ultimately fostering a more productive and harmonious workplace culture.

If the feedback is positive, it’s a great opportunity to kick-start your employee referral program. Leverage your team members’ enthusiasm and satisfaction to attract top talent, foster a culture of advocacy, and incentivize employee engagement.

In any case, don’t let any comment unknown to your organization, thanks to a social listening tool.

But what is social listening, and how does it work ?

Social listening is a strategic practice that can be employed by employer branding managers to monitor and analyze online conversations and mentions related to their organization across various social media platforms, forums, review sites, and other digital channels.

It involves actively tracking discussions, comments, reviews, and feedback to gain insights into how the company is perceived by candidates, employees, and other stakeholders.

For example, Mention allows you to track posts on LinkedIn, or Glassdoor and Indeed that are related to your brand. Employer branding managers use social listening tools to identify strengths, weaknesses, and emerging issues related to the employer brand.

When setting up a Mention alert for your employer branding, it’s pretty straightforward.

  • Step one: Plug in your brand name.
  • Step two: Add forums to the sources, and select “monitored pages” like your own Glassdoor page and anything else that might look relevant.

Once your alert is set up, you’ll receive all your feed’s latest comments and reviews. If you prefer, you can also get updates via email or Slack for maximum convenience.

List of sites monitored Mention

This practice empowers managers to respond effectively, engage with their audience, and make informed decisions to enhance the organization’s reputation and achieve recruitment objectives

Use our publishing tool to raise awareness about your company and your job offers

Use Publish, our social media management module, to create posts for your potential candidate audience.

We know that you’re not a social media expert, but we’ve got you covered. No need to stress about your social media skills – rely on our AI-powered caption and hashtag generator to craft the perfect message.

If you’re utilizing the caption generator, simply input your subject, select a tone—whether friendly, professional, inspirational, motivating, or even humorous—and allow the AI to craft your message swiftly.

Then, with just a click, seamlessly integrate it into the post you’re scheduling. It works just the same when it comes to adding a hashtag, the AI will curate the trendiest ones for you, ensuring your post gets maximum visibility and engagement.

AI caption generator

You can schedule multiple social posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram up to a year in advance. For example, if your company attends an annual job fair, schedule the announcement post ahead of time.

Likewise, if you’re planning a series of Instagram Reels to introduce your employees over the next quarter, schedule them easily.

Of course, you can engage with your audience in real-time, ensuring you can communicate any last-minute updates effectively. After your posts go live, you can conveniently access their analytics directly within the calendar.

Ready to get started? Check out our “Publish” guide to kick-start your journey!

To streamline your campaign organization in advance, you also have access to a content library where you can organize your employer branding assets.

Easily manage your campaigns with tags – for instance, you could use tags for a recruitment campaign, employee portraits, or sharing your company’s values.

Mention publish dashboard

Let Publish simplify your social media efforts and enhance your candidate outreach.

Find the latest trends in HR marketing

As an employer brand manager, your priority is to keep enhancing the candidate experience. Social listening extends beyond monitoring online conversations; it’s about staying updated on industry trends and competitor strategies.

To keep ahead, employer branding managers can track keywords like “employer branding,” “innovative recruitment,” or “motivation at work” using Mention. This allows them to receive real-time updates on relevant social media posts and press releases directly to their inbox.

Employer branding managers can leverage data collected through analytics tools to create comprehensive reports. These reports showcase insights gathered from social listening efforts and can be used to support proposals for trying new strategies or initiatives.

By presenting these reports to their superiors, managers can demonstrate the value of adopting innovative approaches to enhance the organization’s employer brand and recruitment efforts.

Global volume of mentions

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