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7 Interesting Google Analytics Alternatives to Consider

7 Interesting Google Analytics Alternatives to Consider

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Every online marketer knows that analytics are crucial to understanding why your visitors behave the way they do. If you don’t closely monitor how users interact with your website, you won’t know how you can improve it.

In the field of web analytics, Google Analytics reigns supreme. It’s free, widespread, and incredibly popular.

But Google Analytics can also be hard to use, and a little invasive.

You need to hand over mountains of data to one of the biggest corporations in the world.

If you don’t like that Google has access to all your data and you need additional functionality, you can look for alternatives to Google Analytics.

Here are 7 such examples.

Table of Contents:

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one marketing tool that gives you comprehensive website analysis. The tool helps you find out exactly who’s visiting your site, where you’re getting traffic from, and track the most important metrics of your website and your competitors.

SE Ranking provides a bunch of useful features such as generating detailed analytics reports, monitoring your backlink profile, tracking your website rankings, a Google Analytics integration, competitor monitoring, social media activity, and paid web analytics solutions.

The tool lets you build better websites and provides data points to your clients about their own websites.

It also has a very clean and streamlined interface that makes understanding data easy.

The tool has graphs and diagrams for many different types of information that’s simple to digest for visual people.

And the marketing plan from SE Ranking offers valuable tips and tricks based on your site analysis.

2. Matomo

Matomo is another great alternative that offers a lot of the same features and other solutions and protects your data and your customers’ privacy. 

You will need to install the software on your server anywhere in the world, and you will get 100% data ownership. You will know where your data is stored and what is happening to it without external influence.

Matomo offers a wide range of great features like the customizable dashboard, form analytics, A/B testing, heatmaps, tag manager, session recordings, and many others.

My biggest criticism is that the interface can get very congested if you have too much information, which can make it tricky to use.

3. Finteza

Finteza is an advanced web analytics tool that helps you track and analyze website traffic, create effective conversion funnels, landing pages, and advertising campaigns. 

The tool provides a lot of data based on time spent on a page, bounce rates, top-performing web pages, traffic from specific sources, conversions, devices and software used, demographic and social data.

Finteza comes with the multi-step traffic quality measurement that includes advanced botnet analysis, user behavior analysis, accurate tracking technology, and accounting algorithms to detect 12 types of low-quality traffic from each channel in real-time.

The best thing about Finteza is the ability to build and analyze a funnel for everyone who converts on your website and give a clear picture of your customer’s journey to conversions. 

Finteza helps to create detailed e-Commerce reports and find new interaction patterns to boost revenue

4. Woopra

Woopra provides an attractive web dashboard with many analytics features to help you instantly see what’s happening on your website.

The tool shows you how many visitors are online and what they are reading.

I really like the behavioral profile that the software creates for each customer and user.

This information can be essential to your online business.

Woopra includes a range of interesting features like tracked categories, comments, blog authors, custom tagging, advanced segmentation, real-time stats, advanced reporting, and live chat feature.

“The best thing about Woopra is the ability to store all websites and clients’ history to track all the process”, says Mark Roman. “The tool enables us to check all possible issues at the beginning of the customer experience journey and create stable customer relationships.”

Integration with your online store is available, and you can track what visitors do there.

5. Smartlook

Smartlook is another great alternative to Google Analytics that helps you record users on websites and in mobile apps. 

Heatmaps for websites show where users click, where they move their mouse, and how far they scroll on a page. The tool allows you to create funnels from any events and analyze how successful you are in moving people to take action. 

With its customizable dashboard, you can get a lot of important data in one place. You can choose what funnels, events, and statistics you want to view and play related recordings from your dashboard. 

The tool includes a lot of integrations like Slack, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Unbounce, and many others. 

6. Chartbeat

Chartbeat is a great content intelligence solution that shows data for desktop and mobile users, traffic sources, top pages, Twitter links and mentions, server load, and more.

The tool also offers scroll mapping and the option to see how visitors are connecting with your content, and why they’re on your site in the first place.

“I really love its historical part when you try to assess how things have performed over a long period,” says Jay Knispel. “I really enjoyed reviewing how well articles did over from a few months back compared to now. It’s useful to measure how SEO and site traffic evolved over time as well.”

Chartbeat gives everyone a detailed overview of content performance, editorial KPIs, and video content analysis. With its customizable reporting tool, you can do complex analyses for your website and your clients and get recurring reports via your email.

7. Mention

Mention is a comprehensive media monitoring tool that will tell you when, where and how your brand is mentioned online. It will also show you positive and negative mentions of your brand and competitors with sentiment analysis and give you a comprehensive analysis of your market.

The tool enables getting in-depth brand intelligence and compelling reports to share results with clients and colleagues easily.


The tool gives you helpful data like reach and shares, and the influencer dashboards find the top people talking about your brand.

Plus, if you don’t have enough time to check Mention every day, you can receive email digests with top mentions.

Bonus tool

If you need to quickly keep in touch with your customers and grow your business, Sender is a great solution to build successful email campaigns and reach the best marketing results. Thanks to lots of its additional features, the tool allows e-commerce and bloggers to create beautiful branded emails, improve email deliverability, and drive more sales.

Sender provides advanced email analytics to evaluate and improve your email campaigns. You can get detailed information about people who have the same interest as you, see who clicked and opened your emails, and all subscriber actions. You can also learn the hours where the emails are opened most and which buttons and links get the most attention from your customers.

You can easily integrate with Google Analytics and view what impact your email campaigns are making for your traffic. I like Sender because it doesn’t require much email marketing on your website.

Bottom Line

Google Analytics is a great free tool, but many tools from the list provide a lot of features and options beyond what you can get from Google Analytics. 

I hope you will find the best tools for your needs to quickly get the exact data that you want and make data-driven decisions to get over the UX gaps on your website.

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