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Reddit Source on Mention: A Business Monitoring Tool

Reddit Source on Mention: A Business Monitoring Tool

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Reddit is a popular social media platform that allows users to share content, discuss topics, and engage in various communities known as subreddits. With over 430 million active users, Reddit is a massive online community that has the power to influence online brands’ reputation positively or negatively. One of the main reasons why Reddit can make or break a brands’ reputation is due to the platform’s user-generated content.

Moreover, Reddit is also known for its active and passionate user base that can organize campaigns, boycotts, or viral trends that can affect a brand’s reputation. Therefore, brands should be aware of Reddit’s impact on their reputation.

Protect your brand image

Have you ever heard of the “Double Stuf” Oreo controversy? In 2013, a Reddit user posted a photo comparing the amount of filling in regular Oreos versus Double Stuf Oreos. The photo suggested that Double Stuf Oreos didn’t actually contain twice as much filling as regular Oreos, as the name implied.

The post went viral on Reddit and quickly gained traction on social media. People began testing the theory and sharing their own findings. Some even created elaborate experiments involving weighing the cookies and scraping off the filling to measure its thickness.

The controversy prompted an official statement from Oreo’s parent company, Mondelez International, which confirmed that Double Stuf Oreos contained about 1.86 times as much filling as regular Oreos. For some critics of one of the most popular biscuits brands in the US, that difference was still not significant enough to warrant the “Double Stuf” name.

Despite the mixed reactions, the “Double Stuf” Oreo controversy demonstrated the power of social media and online communities like Reddit to raise awareness and spark conversations about even the smallest of issues.

Now, that story which was brought to light on Reddit should warn you on how critical it is for your brand to perk up their ears when it comes to that forum. Even when you’re not selling a mass market product like delicious biscuits, it’s still wise to pay attention to what the crowds are saying about your brand over there. This is the place where people look for – and share – feedback without waffle, pricing details or alternative products.

Spot the newest trends

We’re not the first to tell  you that, things have never moved this fast. It turns out that many trends have emerged on Reddit over the years, ranging from viral memes to political movements.

One trend that gained significant attention on Reddit in recent years is the “WallStreetBets” community. This subreddit is focused on stock market investing, with a particular focus on risky or speculative investments. Members of the community share their investment strategies and discuss potential investment opportunities.

In early 2021, the WallStreetBets community made headlines when its members orchestrated a coordinated buying campaign for the stock of GameStop, a struggling video game retailer. This caused the stock price to skyrocket, leading to significant losses for some institutional investors who had bet against the company’s success.

The GameStop saga brought attention to the power of online communities to influence financial markets, as well as the growing popularity of retail investing among younger generations. The story was widely covered by mainstream media outlets and sparked debates about the regulation of online investment communities and the democratization of financial markets.

From shaking up the food sector, to turning over the finance industry, with Reddit there’s a fine  line!

Monitor Reddit with Mention

Mention has been a trusted tool for monitoring significant forums, including Reddit, for years. However, we’ve made it even easier to track mentions on Reddit by adding it as a standalone source. 

Previously, Reddit was included in the “Forums” category, but now you’ll find it as a separate option when creating an alert in our Monitored Sources. Take what’s best and leave the rest by adding the right operators and additional keywords to your query and filtering the countries and languages that only interest you.

In your feed, you’ll find a preview of the subreddit containing your keywords(s) with the ability to tag, assign or share the mention to your colleagues. For each mention, you’ll have insights such as the influence score of the mention itself and the sentiment it spreads. To get the most out of your mentions in the feed, you can choose to display only those that correspond to a given period of time, to a particular sentiment or that have the level of reach you consider significant.

If your account has access to historical data, you can fetch historical Reddit mentions.

With our tool, you can track mentions of your brand, product, or industry on Reddit, identify customer feedback and sentiment, and stay informed of the latest trends and discussions relevant to your business. Our intuitive feed provides real-time insights and actionable data that empowers you to make informed decisions and take proactive steps to improve your brand reputation and engage with your audience.

Stay on top of your online presence with Mention’s streamlined monitoring capabilities.

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