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Media Monitoring: A Technology Challenge. It's Not that Easy…

Media Monitoring: A Technology Challenge. It's Not that Easy…

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Performing media monitoring on the web and social web takes effort and is time consuming; you need the proper tools. mention uses the most advanced technologies and tools to analyse contents (texts) and provide our customers with the best, most relevant search results.

Mention implements smart technologies to ensure high accuracy in content. The user indicates content as irrelevant or as favorite, therefore influencing the behaviour of the machine. Bayesian filters learn to provide the user with content that is relevant to the topic of interest based on the analytics run from previous user searches and saved preferences.

For those of you who are not familiar with Bayesian filters, they classify text into categories based on features previously learned from an already classified text. This kind of technology is widely used in many text-mining tools (think anti-spam preferences in your personal e-mail).

As you use Mention you will see that it quickly learns these preferences and will diligently notify you with the most up to date findings – like having your own Marketing Firm at the palm of your hand! The difference being that here at Mention we can offer you your own personal algorithm based on a software that has been designed to learn your likes and dislikes.

Our Bayesian filters make it possible to tell whether a “mention” is talking in a positive or negative way about the topic that interests you- without you having to read it! However, if you disagree with the decision of a particular search (i.e. you think that a mention search has tagged an article as positive, when it is actually negative) you can change it. It will take your edits into consideration and improve its proposals in the future.

At Mention we are continuously improving our technologies while developing new ones to provide our users with the best tools to monitor theirs brands, industries, companies, names, or competitors!

Happy monitoring!

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Edouard de La Jonquière

Guest Blogger @Mention