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Live: Learn How to Build a Competitor Monitoring Plan

Over the past month or two, we’ve told you how to get started with competitor monitoring, and be awesome at it.

We’ve talked about reasons to monitor your competitor’s marketing, as well as how to build a dashboard for your plan and analyze your findings.

We’ve told you a lot.

Now we’re going to show you, with a little help from our friend Taylen Peterson.

On Tuesday, January 26, he’s going to teach you how to build a competitor monitoring plan so awesome that it’ll basically build your marketing strategy for you.

The easiest way to out-market your competition is to monitor their every move. Deciding what to do is so much easier when you know not just what competitors are doing, but whether or not it’s working.

Join our competitor monitoring webinar on 1/26 to learn:

When you join Taylen and I live, you’ll also get the chance to ask any questions you have about competitor sleuthing.

The webinar has already happened, however you are still able to watch itWatch now!