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[Giveaway] Grow a Better Brand in 2017 with Enterprise Level Media Monitoring

If you’re like most marketers, you probably spend hours every week searching, browsing, filtering, and finding all the conversations you need to know about, for your brand or your clients.

And you still have a sinking feeling there’s more out there you could’ve engaged with.

Now, imagine you could find, analyze, and join any relevant conversation online from one dashboard. You can save hours, understand your audiences better, engage them more, and grow your brand faster.

Aaaaaaaand – wait for it – all for free.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not.

(Beyonce makes dreams come true)

The Mega Media Monitoring Giveaway

To start you off right in 2017, we’re giving away three Mention Company plans. This is enterprise-level insights, normally $10,000 a year, and you could get them for nothing!

What do you need to do to enter the giveaway? Simply fill out the form.

Pro tip: share the giveaway with your colleagues on social to increase your company’s chances of winning!

What you could win:

1st prize: 6 months of a Mention Company plan
2nd prize: 3 months of a Mention Company plan
3rd prize: 2 months of a Mention Company plan

What exactly do you win?

Plus, you’ll get dedicated support from your personal account manager whenever you need it. We’ll even set the account up for you.

Who should join?

This new year giveaway is open for all brands and businesses, but you’ll especially want to jump on it if you are:


Don’t wait! Enter now to kickstart 2017 with a bang!