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Twitter Marketing: The Complete Guide to Your Content Strategy

Engagement on Twitter is like a cocktail party discussion. We want an audience, and we try to provide valuable messages and content to get people hooked.

Compelling and relevant content will help you attract more customers to your website and keep them engaged with your brand. Your followers are more likely to respond to the tweets that are relevant to them.

This brings us to the need for a Twitter marketing strategy. From generating ideas to promoting on Twitter for free or paid, there are numerous things you could do to ensure that it fits well into your content strategy.

This guide will highlight Twitter as one of your vital tools in your content marketing strategy and how to ensure that more people engage with your content to help you achieve your content marketing goals.

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8 steps to incorporate Twitter in your content strategy

Step #1: Set objectives for Twitter marketing

It’s important to decide what you want to achieve before planning your Twitter business strategy. If you want to get more people to view your content, your objectives should include some of the following:

Step #2: Decide where Twitter fits into your content strategy

Your Twitter plan will hold its own unique identity within your content marketing strategy. For example, some things your Twitter strategy might drive within a larger plan are:

Step #3: Identify your target audience on Twitter

Targeting your audience on Twitter is quite a task but also quite crucial. However, there are so many ways to find it, making it easier to connect with targeted followers to promote your content to.

You can even build Twitter lists for each segment of your audience to keep track of who likes which content. Here’s how you can build targeted lists of people to engage with:

Step #4: Determine the best times to tweet

Obviously not everyone is online (let alone on Twitter) 24/7. You need to figure out when your own followers are online – and that’s when you tweet.

Some things to consider are where you’re located, whether your followers are on Twitter during the day or at night, etc.

Here’s how you can determine the best times to tweet for the most engagement:

Step #5: Get content ideas

For many content marketers, Twitter is their favorite destination to get some of their best topic ideas.

If you need to brainstorm your next blog post or ebook topic, try these strategies:

Step #6: Monitor your competitors’ tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular networks for brands, which makes it easy to see what your competition is doing. Simply monitor their accounts to see what’s working for them.

Step #7: Choose what you share

You should share a variety of content on Twitter – not just text. The network supports a lot of different media formats that can be embedded right in your tweet, including:

Step #8: Promoting your content

If Twitter is used well, it can drive tons of traffic to your website. However, simply tweeting the title of the blog post with a link back to your website every time isn’t going to work.

You need to be creative when crafting tweets to promote your blog posts, videos, and other content. Here are some ways to get more clicks on your tweets:


Twitter is a powerhouse of opportunities for every stage of your content strategy. There’s a reason so many companies invest most of their social resources there.

You could use these suggestions to implement Twitter as the only content marketing tool from top to bottom, except for your blog. Is your presence there strong enough to take that plunge?

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This post was originally published in June 2015 and has been updated with new information and content.