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Managing User Access with Workspaces: A Product Manager Interview

Managing User Access with Workspaces: A Product Manager Interview

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Many teams on a single Mention account, is that manageable? That’s a question we’re about to answer with Astrid Mancel, Product Manager at Mention. Her squad just released Workspaces, a new feature to make it a breeze to use Mention for numerous users.

Astrid Mancel -  Product Manager at Mention
Astrid Mancel, Product Manager

Hello Astrid, can you tell us about your job and your squad?

Hello! I joined Mention 9 months ago as a Product Manager for the Users squad. Workspace was one of the biggest topics for me and my squad from the start. The project was particularly challenging with code refactoring, legacy, and the need to challenge some stakeholders.

In the user squad, we have Pierre-Chanel as a lead developer, Jean-Daniel and Eddie as full-stack developers and then Victoria and Gabriel as front-end developers. Our mission is to ensure that the entire user experience in Mention is smooth and frictionless. We interact on 80% of the web app, and we have a wide variety of subjects, which is what makes our team so rich.

What is “Workspaces” and who is this targeting?

From my point of view, this is for companies that manage several types of customers, therefore especially web agencies. Companies with large marketing/communication teams divided by specialty or by region can also find interest in it.

Workspace allows you to create differentiated spaces within the app, with different role granularity, controlled content and information sharing.

How does this feature solve the target needs?

Until now, there was no differentiation and that was a problem for some of our clients. Let’s say a single web agency is working for two competing sports brands. This immediately raises two sensitive issues for the agency: confidentiality and budget control for each brand’s campaigns.

With Workspace, on the Mention account of the whole agency, we can make sure that the project manager, account manager, community manager etc. who work for Brand A, only have access to Brand A’s information, mentions and social accounts. Nothing else. On the other hand, the team working only for Brand B, can therefore be assigned a second Workspace with insights and content of Brand B only. The two are kept completely apart. .

How does it work?

By going into their account settings, customers will be able to create different workspaces, add users and social networks, create different roles, alerts, and reports. There is of course the possibility to customize this space with a logo and a specific name. It’s like creating new Mention accounts, but within a single account and with improved privacy.

It is also possible to attach a user to several workspaces and when this is the case, they can easily navigate between their different workspaces from the navigation bar.

Are there any limitations?

Not really, let’s say that we have the same limitations as on the company plans and these are the ones that have the most flexibility.

What makes Workspaces by Mention more interesting than the competitors alternatives?

It was integrated in all the features of the web app. This notion of granularity is also found in Reports, Publish and Respond. With some of our competitors, this separation can only be found in one part of the application.

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Raïssa Sidio

Raïssa is a Product Marketing Manager at Mention, enabling her to combine her passion for marketing with her love of digital. When she's not exploring new ways to bring products to market, she enjoys indulging in her favorite treats like chocolate, travel, and asian food, as well as watching her favorite sports.

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