Sentiment Analysis

Easily identify positive and negative mentions of your brand
and competitors around the web with sentiment analysis.

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Add Sentiment Analysis to
Your Media Monitoring

Every paying Mention customer has access to sentiment
analysis. It’s features like these that make Mention the best in
its class.

filtre mention

Advanced filters

You don’t have time to sift through every mention. Mention lets you cut through the noise to find the most important information. Filter by sentiment, influence, source & more.

Boolean Alerts

Boolean alerts

Sometimes the perfect alert requires a higher level of precision. With Boolean queries, you can be as specific as necessary. Hear exactly what you need to hear, and nothing else.

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Easy to use

Media monitoring should make your life easier. Mention’s interface is designed to be as simple as possible, and our support team make problems disappear.


Social connections

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram integrations give you direct access to your social media accounts. Or connect your Buffer account to schedule social updates in advance.


Influencer scores

Filter your mentions based on the reach of the person talking. You’ll immediately know who is a valuable contact, and who to reach out to for more favorable press.


Urgent alerts

Pulse alerts tell you the moment your keywords become popular. If your brand goes viral, you need to know so you can either share the good news, or put out the flames.

Protect your social reputation

Make sure your brand gets the respect it deserves. We monitor sources all across the
web and social media. Mention’s sentiment analysis helps you identify positive and
negative, so you know exactly how people respond to your company.

Sentiment Analysis

Prevent crises

When bad news strikes, it can spread across social media quickly. You need to move quickly to avert a full-blown crisis. Get instant alerts to be notified the moment an issue arises, so you can take immediate action. Then use sentiment analysis to identify who’s talking negatively about you, so you can control the damage.

Find brand advocates

Social media comments aren’t always bad news. Use social media sentiment analysis to find people saying nice things about you. Share their comments, thank them, and spread the good word.

Monitor all the web &
analyze sentiment over time

Blogs can have a wide reach in a crisis too, and major news
outlets may even get involved. Mention’s media monitoring
covers everything online. You’ll know everywhere you’re talked
about, as soon as the article is online.

Launching a new campaign? Want to see how it’s received?
Monitor trends in sentiment over time to make sure you get the
response you hoped for.

Use sentiment analysis to monitor competitors

Media monitoring makes tracking your competitors easy and effective. Use sentiment analysis to benefit in these three ways.

Target their unhappy customers

It’s not just marketing strategies that are easy to spot online. Customer feedback - especially bad feedback - is right there for all see. Find your competition’s unhappy customers, and show them

client mécontent

Borrow their good ideas

You can’t always be the first to have a bright idea. Sometimes, a competitor beats you to it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use their tactics to your own advantage.

analyse concurrentielle

Learn from their mistakes

The internet has made business more public. You can monitor your competitors’ marketing and PR straight from your laptop anywhere in the world. Sentiment analysis works for social media, blog.

Sentiment analysis

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