Track Twitter Mentions

Follow conversations, analyze trends, find influencers, and
discover new content. Mention makes tracking Twitter mentions simple.

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Monitor Twitter mentions in real time

Around 500 million tweets are sent each day. You can't possibly keep up on your own.
Mention's Twitter tracking is just as real-time as the social network itself, and you can
connect your Twitter account to Mention to engage and start conversations without
leaving your dashboard. Learn more about our full Social Media Listening tools.

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Analyze conversation

Just reading conversations isn’t enough – you need to dig
deep for meaning and insights. From topic clouds to
sentiment analysis, automated reports, and customizable
dashboards, streamline media monitoring on Twitter.

Discover & engage influencers

Improve your Twitter reach by engaging with thought
leaders. Using Mention’s Influencer marketing tools, find
and start conversations with influencers in any
community or niche.

Follow Twitter mentions with ease

Learn how to catch Twitter mentions in real time, as they happen.

Cut trought the noise

Don’t waste time sorting through tweets that don’t matter to your brand. Mention’s advanced features and filters let you focus on your community.

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Get your brand out there

Twitter is perfect to find important conversations in your community, but you need to join those conversations to grow your brand. More about our brand monitoring.

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Monitor Twitter sentiment

Sentiment analysis lets you easily sort positive comments from the negative. This helps you protect your reputation and improve your brand’s image.

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Search back in time

Access to historical data from multiple sources gives you the most reliable and comprehensive way to understand and evaluate performance in the past.

750,000 companies use Mention daily.

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