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9 Best QR Code Generators to Use for PDFs

9 Best QR Code Generators to Use for PDFs

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How often have you gone out to eat at a restaurant and asked to scan a QR code to access their menu?

We’re guessing more times than you can even remember. Most often, these menus are embedded in PDF formats within the QR codes.

It’s a scenario that has become increasingly common lately. QR codes, which once only had specific use cases, have rapidly evolved to become an essential part of our daily lives.

These codes have transformed how we access information, connect with businesses, and make everyday tasks easier.

This is just one of many use cases where QR codes are used to access PDFs. But how do you create a QR code for your PDFs?

In this article, we’ll explore the 9 best QR code generators for creating QR codes for PDFs and what to look for when choosing the right one.

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9 Best QR Code Generators to Use for PDFs

Whether you’re a marketer, educator, or simply someone looking to simplify PDF sharing via QR codes, this article is for you.

We have evaluated the features, pricing, user-friendliness, and more for the 9 best QR code generators (some offer free QR Code creation capabilities!) available in the market. Let’s get started and help you choose.



Unicode’s QR Code generator should be the prime choice if you are looking for an efficient and easy-to-use PDF QR code generator. It offers a range of powerful features to create QR code PDFs.

You can fine-tune every aspect of your QR Code, from its color, shape, and background to adding logos and call-to-action frames.

Uniqode’s advanced settings allow you to deploy password protection, granting restricted access only to those with passwords. Also, it provides detailed analytics for tracking QR Code scans, user engagement duration, and location.

These valuable insights can be utilized for various use cases, including presentations and events.

One of Uniqode’s unique features is QR Code retargeting, enabling seamless integration with Facebook Pixel and Google retargeting.

This integration allows businesses to retarget individuals who have scanned their QR Codes with tailored ads across various platforms.

For example, if your restaurant menu is QR code-based, you can run targeted campaigns to attract more customers based on QR scans.


  • Highly customizable QR Codes
  • Multi-user access
  • Real-time scannability score
  • Super-responsive customer support
  • Advanced retargeting and other enterprise-level features


  • Logo size and placement inside the QR Code could be better

Pricing: Uniqode offers a 14-day free trial to explore the solution in detail. The paid plans start at $5/month and go up to $99/month, billed annually. They also offer enterprise plans, for which you can contact their sales team directly.

QR Code Generator by Bitly

QR Code Generator by Bitly

QR Code Generator is a straightforward tool for creating QR Codes for PDFs. The platform also allows you to customize or create your own short URLs.

It also allows you to incorporate your brand’s colors and add your company logo to your QR Codes, ensuring they stand out from the competition.

You can collaborate securely with team members to create QR codes. Track where, when, and how many people scan your QR Codes to access the PDFs. The platform also ensures your QR Codes stay in high resolution no matter what.

It further lets you label your QR Codes, create folders, and add campaign info to keep them organized.

The QR Codes created using the QR Code Generator adapt seamlessly to various devices, including tablets, desktops, and smartphones. You can flexibly make changes in the PDF, and there’s no need for reprints and redistribution.


  • The quick and hassle-free onboarding process
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Integrates well with various platforms


  • Inability to create custom domains
  • Frequent reminders to upgrade to the paid plan
  • Performance lags during high-traffic periods

Pricing: The paid plans start from $5 per month and go up to $37.50 per month, billed annually.



MeQR is another solution that makes it easy for you to turn your PDFs into QR codes. This platform offers many benefits, including valuable insights into the performance of your QR codes by tracking scan metrics, such as how many times they’ve been scanned and by whom.

It also enables the swift generation of multiple QR codes for PDF files. Moreover, there are no scan limitations, and the platform allows unlimited users to scan your QR codes, ensuring widespread accessibility.

MeQR supports dynamic QR codes, permitting updates to the linked PDF file without altering the QR code. This allows for real-time access to the latest information.

The platform isn’t limited to PDF-type document distribution. It also accommodates various other QR code types, including PPTX QR codes.


  • Responsive support team
  • Easy user interface
  • Forever-free plan


  • DIsplays spammy ads
  • Lacks robust features
  • No analytics available
  • Cancellation is difficult

Pricing: The platform offers a forever-free plan. The paid plans start at $9/month and go up to $15/month, billed monthly.

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QR Tiger

QR Tiger

QR Tiger is another good alternative for turning PDFs into a QR code. It offers an intuitive dashboard that comes with tons of features.

It offers full customization for QR Codes, like adding your logo or any image. You can further view scan reports, including metrics like the number of scans, times and locations, and devices used.

There is a lifetime validity for all the QR codes generated using QR Tiger, and they come with unlimited scans. You may also rename the QRs and sort them into folders to keep them in order.

Businesses can use OR Tiger to improve their campaigns by setting alerts, keeping a watch list, and monitoring the top 10 QR codes. The platform also boasts high-level security for the generated QR codes.


  • Simple user interface
  • Great customer support
  • Save QR Codes as templates
  • Actionable data and insights


  • Users experience lags and glitches
  • There’s a slight learning curve
  • The interface could use some updates

Pricing: The paid plans start at $7/month and go up to $37/month, billed monthly. It has a free trial period, but the QR Codes generated during the trial will include the QR Tiger logo.



Scanova is a QR Code Generator that stands out with a range of features made to simplify the creation and implementation of PDF QR Codes. The platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that users who are not tech-savvy can effortlessly navigate and use the feature.

You can customize the QR codes, including the colors and addition of a logo and brand name, to align with the brand personality.

Each PDF QR Code generated by Scanova can accommodate up to 20 PDFs, ensuring comprehensive document sharing in a single code.

Scanova’s detailed analytics also provide insights into QR code usage. Track metrics like scan count and scanner location to inform future strategies.

Scanova offers a white-label solution for businesses, allowing you to employ its technology under your brand name.


  • In-depth analytics
  • Easy-to-use
  • Lots of customization options
  • Helpful support team


  • They don’t offer a mobile app for easy access
  • Pricing plans are expensive compared to other providers
  • Advance features are limited to premium users
  • Sometimes, it gives the wrong scan locations

Pricing: The paid plans start at $9/month and go up to $75/month, billed annually. They also have an ultra-lite plan that lets you create a single Dynamic QR Code with lifetime validity.

QR Planet

QR Planet

QR Planet is a versatile platform for easily creating QR codes for your PDFs. One compelling feature that sets this solution apart is the ability to receive scan notifications via email.

This feature informs you whenever someone scans your QR codes, providing device information and location data.

QR Planet also offers the ability to export detailed statistics, generate dynamic QR codes, and even design custom QR codes to match your brand identity. You can create QR Codes in large batches and precisely track the location data of each one.


  • Feature-rich platform
  • Set up notifications for scans
  • In-depth analytics


  • You don’t get any support on the free plan
  • 1 QR Code allowed on the free plan
  • Do not support monthly billing

Pricing: They have three paid plans– the Starter plan is $5 per month, the Premium plan is $5 per month, and the White Label plan is $35 per month. They don’t support monthly billing; the minimum term is 3 months.

QR Code Chimp

QR Code Chimp

QR Code Chimp is yet another powerful solution for easily creating and managing PDF QR codes. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

QR Code Chimp provides a range of features to enhance the functionality and appeal of your PDF QR codes. You can customize your QR codes by adding shapes, logos, and brand colors to make them visually appealing and increase scan rates.

The platform also offers actionable QR codes with the option to add stickers featuring calls to action (CTAs) for better engagement.

With features like sharing and organization through folders and subaccounts, bulk uploading PDFs, in-depth analytics, and white labeling for custom scan URLs, QRCodeChimp offers a complete solution for all your PDF QR code needs.


  • Forever-free plan
  • User-friendly interface
  • Innovative QR code designs
  • Responsive support team


  • The pricing is high for the number of QR codes they allow
  • No downloads of analytics allowed for basic plans

Pricing: Their plans start at $9.99 /month for their starter plan. Their pro and ultima plans are priced at $19.99/month and $ 49.99 /month respectively. is the last but not the least QR code generator on our list that can help you turn PDF into QR codes. It offers a range of features to make PDF sharing more direct and convenient.

The QR codes generated by are dynamic which means you can edit content and monitor how many people scan your QR Codes, from where and on what date providing valuable insights.

You can also customize the QR codes including shape, color, gradients and adding elements like a call to action, logo, and frame. You have the option to easily, pause, or delete QR Code campaigns and create different folders to organize the codes.

The QR codes created can be downloaded in PNG and SVG formats. further allows you to add your team to QR code campaigns for you to collectively manage them.


  • Keeping track of QR Codes is easy
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • All PDF QR codes are dynamic
  • Weekly statistics for QR Code performance


  • Users find it expensive
  • Users also report slower product development
  • The backend is a bit tricky to navigate

Pricing: has only two pricing plans – $35/month (billed monthly) and $350/year. Plus, you get 2 months free on their yearly plan. A free trial is also available to try out the features.

TLinky QR Code Generator

Elevate your link management game with TLinky, your all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and tracking QR codes, shortened URLs, and personalized bio pages. 

TLinky is more than just a QR code generator; it’s a versatile platform designed to streamline your digital marketing efforts.

With TLinky, generating QR codes is a breeze. Whether you need static or dynamic codes, TLinky offers 14+ QR code types and an intuitive interface to customize and create QR codes tailored to your needs. Plus, TLinky supports QR code generation for PDF documents, making it ideal for businesses needing to share digital files efficiently.

But TLinky doesn’t stop there. It doubles as a URL shortener, enabling you to condense lengthy URLs into concise, shareable links. Say goodbye to cumbersome URLs cluttering your marketing materials and hello to sleek, professional brandable custom links that enhance user experience and drive engagement.

Additionally, TLinky empowers you to create personalized bio pages for social media profiles. You can showcase your brand, share multiple links, and track clicks—all from one convenient location.


  • Versatile QR code generation 
  • URL shortening
  • bio page creation functionality.
  • Customizable QR Code
  • Comprehensive tracking and analytics
  • Seamless integration with 16+ marketing tools


  • Limited features for free plan users
  • Does not provide any mobile app.

Pricing: TLinky offers flexible plans to suit diverse needs and budgets, including a free plan with basic features and affordable premium plans for advanced functionality. Starter: $9 per month and $90 per year, Advanced: $29 per month and $290 per year, Business: $89 per month and $699 per year. 

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Which QR Code Generator is right for you?

As we’ve seen in the previous part of the article, most QR code generators offer similar features. Here’s how to select the one that best suits your needs.

If you are an individual or a small business

Since you’re just starting out, you can start with a user-friendly and cost-effective QR code generator such as Uniqode, QRCode Generator by Bitly, or QR Planet.

These options provide essential features for creating and managing QR codes without overwhelming complexity or high costs.

If you are a larger enterprise and require advanced features

Uniqode, Scanova, and QR Tiger offer comprehensive features, including real-time scannability score, scan notifications, advanced retargeting, and in-depth analytics for comparatively larger enterprises.

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