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6-Steps Guide to Using Instagram Nametags for Better Visibility

6-Steps Guide to Using Instagram Nametags for Better Visibility

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Social media in the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest has been a massive game-changer for the e-commerce industry. Social media provides businesses with a platform to reach an unprecedented number of potential customers, and at the same time engage with their current audience.

In numbers, online retailers with social media presence stand to gain an average of 32% more sales than those who don’t. And with up to 2.9 billion social media users projected by 2020, this is certainly a marketing honeypot retailers shouldn’t make a pass on.

While Facebook is usually top of mind with over 2.32 billion monthly active users, Instagram has definitely stepped up its game in the world of e-commerce.
Instagram is overtaking the social media giant for brand engagement by up to 10 times, with 72% of its users making a purchase after seeing an ad on the platform.

So if you haven’t set up an Instagram business profile, you might want to step up your game lest you miss out on this vibrant market. As well as the various features, the photo and video-sharing service have rolled out—the most recent of which is the Instagram Nametag.

Instagram Nametags 101

With over 500,000 businesses on Instagram, chances are, your ideal username may have already been taken. So, you settle for the next best handle but may have had to abbreviate, add your geographical area, or insert an underscore or dot somewhere in the 30-character limit. While some of your loyal customers may go the extra mile and carefully type this out to follow your account, it most certainly isn’t the norm.

Instagram Nametags present the solution to this woe.

Instagram Nametags are a quick and effortless way to promote your account and gain more followers. Similar to QR code technology, the feature allows users to scan a user-specific image that will automatically pull up your profile so they can conveniently follow you. No more hard-selling and spelling out handles painstakingly.

So how does this exactly work and what can you do to maximize it? Continue reading below.

First things first: Locating your Instagram Nametag

To get you started, go to your profile settings, and tap the Nametag icon.


The fun part: Designing your Instagram Nametag

Once you tap on the Nametag icon, you will see the default Nametag image Instagram has created for you. But don’t be a bore. Make the most out of the background customization options available—choose between color, emoji or selfie.


The color option provides you with a selection of five gradients to choose from, just tap the background to view your options. Customizing by emoji, on the other hand, allows you to pick from any of the 2,823 emoji characters. While the selfie option instructs you to take a selfie, provides stickers such as glasses or hearts to jazz your photo up, and then voila, your personalized background is generated.

Keep in mind that customizing your Instagram Nametag can only be done via the app and not on a browser.

Spread the word: Sharing your Instagram Nametag

Now that you’ve made your Instagram Nametag, it’s time to get the word out there. The most basic of which is by saving it as a photo after tapping the share button on the upper right of the screen.


After saving the image, you can start uploading and posting it to your other social media platforms or send it out via email or text messaging.


Get following: Scanning other users’ Instagram Nametag

There are two ways to scan Instagram Nametags and pull up the profile of the account you want to follow.

  • Scan a Nametag using the Instagram app camera. Open the Instagram app and tap the camera icon on the top left. Hover the camera over the Nametag you want to follow and once the image is captured, the profile will automatically show.
  • Scan a Nametag from your profile. Open the Nametag screen on your profile and tap on “Scan A Nametag” at the bottom. This will pull up a screen for you to make the scan. You can also upload a saved Nametag Image by tapping on the small box on the upper right to access your camera roll.

Another way of uploading an Instagram Nametag image is by tapping the camera icon and uploading from your camera roll.


Up the creativity: Innovative ways to use Instagram Nametags

Equipped with the basics, you can now step up your game by incorporating your Instagram Nametag into a variety of marketing strategies.

1. Print and display. If you operate a brick-and-mortar store, print out your Nametag and display in clearly visible areas as a poster or flyer. You can also do the same if you are participating in an expo or exhibit, or have a booth that customers can come up to and scan the image. You can also add the image into your brochures, product tags, packaging and other merchandise.


2. Network prepared. If you’re a regular at events, have your Instagram Nametag printed on your business card, saved as an image, or better yet set as your lock screen. That way, you can easily whip up your phone and save yourself the trouble of having to spell out the user handle.

3. Use pop-ups. If the bulk of your engagement comes from your website, utilize this and create an exit pop-up that encourages your audience to follow you on Instagram.


Don’t forget to display your Instagram Nametag in any of your PDF downloadables, and in your ‘About’ and ‘Contact Us’ page as well.

4. Inform and use digital displays. Should there be limited options to print and distribute material with your Instagram Nametag (or you’re simply conscious about your environmental footprint), take advantage of digital displays in public areas, or place them as a default slide during presentations. The bigger space allows you to provide basic instructions about how to scan the image as well.


5. Offer giveaways. No one can resist a discount or the chance to win freebies. Similar to requesting for an app review that provides an incentive afterward, encourage your users to follow you on Instagram with a promo. Below are some examples:

  • “Scan our IG Nametag, follow us, and get a chance to win a gift basket…”
  • “Want a free dessert? Scan our IG nametag, share a photo of your dining experience and tag us for a complimentary slice of chocolate cake…”

A hassle-free tactic to gain followers

Bottom line, Instagram Nametags are a hassle-free tactic to increase your number of followers. Take note, however, that it’s not just about growing your audience base and gaining your share of the 1 billion Instagram-user populace.

At the heart of successful Instagram marketing is creating great content that will ultimately convert your “lurkers” into loyal customers that patronize your products, and regularly interact with your brand online.

So what else are you waiting for, kill it with Instagram and boost your following with Instagram Nametags!

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