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How to Find Social Media Influencers with Mention

How to Find Social Media Influencers with Mention

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In 2017, we saw the massive rise of influencer marketing.
One by one, brands were starting to dish out hundreds of thousands of dollars for influencer sponsored content across social media.
In fact, brands were estimated to have spent over $1 billion to work with influencers on Instagram alone. And it shows no signs of slowing down in 2018.
how to find social media influencers
No matter what type of business you are, influencer marketing is no longer just a buzzword.
It’s a strategy every business needs, and can benefit from. So if you’re still unsure how to start developing your influencer strategy – check out this great how-to article.

Why influencers?

Social networks are growing larger by the day, and more and more brands are competing for the attention of their audience. With so many brands and products on social media, how does a potential customer choose?
This is where influencers come in.
Influencers are social media content creators who are dedicated to a niche and their voices are carefully listened to by their loyal followers.
Influencers are not only passionate about their interest, but they’re in the know about the next biggest trends. Working with them will help you extend the reach of your company’s voice, increase your brand awareness, and increase the volume of leads you generate. Mention is here to help with all this!
In this blog post, we’ll explain how to use our different features to find influencers, identify brand ambassadors and stay on top of new trends.

Find web and social media influencers easily with Mention

Identify influencers you want to work with by searching for people talking about your competitors, trends, or subjects in your industry.
Keep in mind that your end goal is to reach the followers of the influencers who are similar to your own target audience.
To begin, we recommend creating one alert per brand or per competitor. This may end up giving you a lot of mentions, but that’s normal – it’s better to have more data than not enough!
If you only want to search within specific social networks, you can filter your alert to receive only tweets or Instagram posts for instance. You’ll then want to use the Influencers Tables, which you can find under the tab “Influencers”.
Here you can have a quick and exhaustive view of the relative influencers to your or your competitor’s brand, sorted by their influence. This is an easy way to detect powerful influencers to work with.
You can narrow your results even further by adjusting the filters. Get results of influencers based on their countries, interest, time period, and the type of content they post.
find twitter influencers with Mention
You can also widen your search of influencers on Twitter and Instagram by using our Discover Influencers feature.
discover influencers with Mention
You’ll be able to see the detailed profiles of the influencers, including their recent activity and what types of content they share regularly.
learn more about social media influencers
You can then add the potential influencers you’re interested in working with to Lists, to contact them later and turn them into your brand ambassadors. For instance, you can create different lists such as: “Influencers to contact”, “Influencers currently working with”, and so forth.
find influencers based on their topic

Identify your brand ambassadors quickly with Mention

Your brand ambassadors are already fans of you and your product! As they already rave online about your brand, you’ll want to take advantage of this and track down who they are so you can engage and maintain a relationship with them.
Once you’ve set up an alert about your brand, you’ll be notified whenever someone is talking about you. Mention analysis all of the content about you, extract the authors, and show you exactly who is talking about your brand and products.
Some of your brand ambassadors may already be influential in your industry! In this case, you’ll definitely want to track them down and reach out to them to work together. You can then use Influencers table to see the people talking about your brand on Twitter, Instagram and the Web, organized by their influencer score.
find brand ambassadors
Once you’ve identified these influential brand ambassadors, you can also add them into a list, so you can contact them in the future.
brand ambassadors with Mention
Engage with them, encourage them to share user-generated content about your brand, and re-share their content across your brand’s channels. Not only will you make your ambassadors happy, you’ll also inspire more of your audience to interact with you on the regular.

Keep up with industry trends efficiently with Mention

Staying informed about relevant trends in your industry is a great way to become a thought leader or and expert.
You can do this easily by creating an alert to monitor the advanced topics you want to stay updated about. Once created, you’ll receive a recap of the most important news or social posts as frequent as you’d like. It’s that simple.
What’s more, you can be inspired by the most engaged content from your community. Just create a Comparison report of different social media profiles or brands you follow. You’ll be able to see the top hashtags that is used by each brand as well as the most engaging posts from the community that includes
monitor trends with Mention
From the top hashtags they use, you can identify trending hashtags or new running campaigns.
track industry trends

Try out our influencer features today

Influencer marketing isn’t just about getting A-list Instagrammers to tag your product in their posts. It’s about taking time to identify the right influencers for your brand, reaching out to collaborate, and continuously engage with them and maintain a relationship.
Not sure how to start? Mention can help you along the way, so try out our influencer features for yourself today.

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Cyril Codron

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