Monitor YouTube Videos

Follow conversations, analyze trends, find top creators, and discover new content. Mention makes tracking YouTube mentions simple.

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Monitor videos content in real time

More than 2 billion users are logged-in YouTube monthly, that represents a lot of potential new people to ad to your community. Mention allows you to engage and start conversations without leaving your dashboard. Learn more about our full Social Media Listening tools.

Analyze mentions

Just reading conversations isn’t enough – you need to dig
deep for meaning and insights. From topic clouds to
sentiment analysis, automated reports, and customizable
dashboards, streamline media monitoring on Twitter.

Connect with Creators

YouTube top creators are their own brand of celebrity, and working with them can grow your brand.
Use Mention’s influencer scores and dashboard to find and engage with them.

Track YouTube mentions with ease

Discover how brand monitoring can help improve your digital marketing.

Get the pulse of your audience

Monitor, measure, and engage with opinions shared about your keywords on specified users videos. Media Monitoring has never been so social.

See where you’re mentioned

Instead of conducting endless YouTube searches, Mention alerts show you everywhere you’re being talked about on social media, in real time.

Connect with interesting creators

Every community has its top influencers. With Mention, discover the reach and influence of all of your advocates. Learn more about our influencers tools.

750,000 companies use Mention daily.

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