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Real-time monitoring

Comprehensive web and social tracking.

ease of use

Ease of use

Simple, easy-to-use application.


No hidden costs

No charge for onboarding and training.

Why Mention is the perfect alternative to Brandwatch

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Get instant alerts

Mention monitors the web and social media in real time. When your brand or your competitors are mentioned, you'll know immediately. Track important conversations and make strategic decisions in the moment, when they count.

Trackur alternative

Track your key metrics

Your monitoring tool needs to show you what matters to you. Mention's custom dashboards and reports let you decide what you care about, and ignore the things you don't. Don't waste time on irrelevant analytics.

Trackur alternatives

Watch the whole industry

You have competitors you already know about, and maybe some you don't. Monitor other businesses in your industry to discover new competitors and learn from their marketing moves.

mention vs Trackur

Watch your brand go viral

Mention lets you track entire marketing and PR campaigns from the first blog or social post. Watch as conversations emerge, discover new influencers, and see what works best for your brand online.

“We need something that’s easy to manage, and affordable. That’s why we chose Mention.”

Maria Paula Murad, ILSC

“Mention works better, is faster and cheaper. It does exactly what we want and what we need, and is very flexible.”

Ties Hendricks, SEVENFRIDAY

Maria Paula Murad
Ties Hendricks
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