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An alert that offers even more flexibility and precision, powered by Boolean operators.

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Advanced keyword search with a simplified experience

Our Standard Alert has a query builder to help you combine keywords and operators without having to worry about the combination rules. Select monitoring filters to further narrow things down by source, country, and language. Don't skimp out on getting the full picture ever again.

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Eliminate noise and monitor with precision

Choose to monitor or block specific sources and web pages from your search to refine results. Build your alert and preview results before fetching important mentions, know your quota estimation before getting started.

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The possibilities are unlimited

Find a Mention alert that's the right fit

Basic Alert

Quickly monitor any topic or brand. Pin-point important conversations easily across the web and social media.

Standard Alert

Boost your monitoring of any topic with the query builder to help combine keywords and boolean operators.

Advanced Alert

Optimize the power of Boolean Search and completely customize your monitoring, using up to 2,000 characters.

What they say about us

I would go with the Standard Alert 100% of the time. I understand far better the query that I am building, and I am getting more precise results which is really important to me.

Mikolaj Skubina Founder & Chief Operating Officer @Timeqube
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The experience is nice, I understand far better the query that I am building, and I am getting more results which is really important to me!

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